Newsletter #20


Project HEART   Last attempt to restitute Holocaust survivors. 1

Ostravak Reunion. 2

Yehuda Bacon Exhibition. 3

The Ostrava Archive in the Jewish Museum in Prague (JMP) 3

Background. 3

Gordy (Goldberger) family Donation. 4

Goldberg Letter Archive. 4

First user of our Archive! 5

News of Ostravaks. 6

Ron Hecht 6

Amanda Meller 6

Arnon Ernest Smetana. 7

Werner Reichenbaum.. 8

Rosemary Schonfeld. 8

Rix Family. 9

Thamar Herlinger 9

Heinrich Goldberger 10

Ostrava. 10

Leicester Scroll 11

Help needed. 12

Newsletter # 20 (pdf) Summer 2011

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