Newsletter #5

The Newsletter carries a report of the Gathering of Ostravaks in Kingston Synagogue in March, in the presence of HE Mr Jan Winkler, the Czech Ambassador.  A reprint of the gathering was published, in Czech, in Maskil and translated by Lydia Tischler.

…About 80 people gathered, representing all “waves” of pre- and post-war emigration.  The Czech Ambassador, Mr Jan Winkler, introduced the meeting.  After his speech, a screening of new documents and commentary followed, which was of great interest.  When a drawing by the painter Leo Hass, of Oskar Liebreich from the time of Nisko was shown, from the dimmed hall the voice of 78 year old Lydia Tischler (geb. Folkartová) was heard saying “That’s my uncle!” It was a very moving moment.

…..people formed small circles and larger groups discussing all sorts of topics and there certainly was a lot to discuss.  One of the Ostravaks who was there, for instance, was Otto Hornung, a war veteran from Tobruk who also is Chairman of the International Association of Philatelic Journalists.  Also present were George Rosenstayn (Roden), Sir Bernard Rix (grandson of the owner of the famous Rix store) and relations of Starý‎ Borger.

Guido Alis brought a chronicle of his father who before the war was an international ice-hockey referee who “whistled” at the World Championship between Great Britain and Canada.

The pleasant afternoon was coming to an end but much could have been discussed.  Many more questions remain unanswered for our next meeting!  …How good it is that Ostrava lives on, because Ostrava is Ostrava!

Newsletter #5  (pdf) May 2008